About Sarah Alley

My name is Sarah Alley and I am a 33 year old woman living in Indianapolis, IN.  I was born with a neural tube disorder called Spina Bifida.  In layman’s terms, my spinal cord was not formed correctly at birth, which caused me to have difficulty walking and performing certain other normal functions.  I had surgery when I was about a week old to correct the defect so that I would have the best life possible.  I am blessed to be able to walk with crutches, I would say almost as well as anyone else can. 🙂  I graduated in 2008 from Anderson University in Anderson, IN, with a BA degree in Family Science and hope to eventually become a school counselor.  I have a deep desire to help children and families who deal with autism and other learning and behavioral challenges.  I have worked with children with special needs in several capacities, including as a summer camp counselor at a day camp and in a Sunday school class.  Other experiences I have had with children include substitute teaching in various elementary schools in the local school district, facilitating activities in an after school program, and volunteering as a Teacher’s Aide in a Spanish Immersion elementary school.  I decided to start blogging after losing my after school program job.  I feel that the experiences that I have had in my life really give me a unique insight into the lives and challenges of other people. If I can help others by providing resoures to assist them, I am making a difference in a way no job could allow me to do.  Please take these resources and this information into consideration as you are working through challenges in your own life.  Let’s start peeling back the layers together!


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